June 6, 2008

Once upon a blog

Today marks the day where I finally decided to join the flock of virtual bloggers! It has hovered above my head for quite a time but it didn't really latch on to me until this day! Am I ecstatic ?! A bit thrilled maybe ?! You know what, I'm still trying to figure that out myself ! (",) This is a fairly new trade to learn. A new toy to play with. Mix Emotions all over the place. It's like having a new baby! Yup you read right - giving birth and all ! And for some fun, I'll treat your brains with a little visual exercise. So here goes "something"...

Like all pregnancies, it starts with a little work to make it happen right? So, I guess we'll start with the foreplay ( read at your own risk !). I was scouring the internet for a while for a good blog site and convincing myself that I have the (quote) " talent" (unquote) enough for words to get into this hobby (if you can call it that). And fortunately enough, blogger.com (no plugging here) has won my heart and wham! Conception was culminated. I carried the entire process into term, with all the apprehension and anxiousness of finding out what my little bundle of blah-g site would look like.I labored so hard(maybe not hard enough), and then it was time...my blah-g site came to be and here it was : Zenventures of a Working mom was born! I'm a proud mah-mmy!

It is my hope that through this I can make a difference by sharing my own experiences where people can learn from or simply get ideas from to use in surviving the daily grind of life! Share anecdotes and humor in life when everything else looks bleak! And Best of all, it is my way of reaching out and imparting to family and friends how I am and what's going on with me. In short, it's all about me! (",) E-world here I am!


  1. naks naman!! its about time! :) welcome to the blogging world. at may sarili pang domain name ang lolah, ang lupet!! :)

    at least masusubaybayan ko na ang iyong mga exploits, pati na rin mga kakulitans ni jenna!

    bibisita ako lagi dito, pramis. *muah*

  2. Thank you mother! goal ko eh mahasa ng husto english ko ( grammar pati - lalo na ! hehe!)
    who knows baka "someday" eh I can be a real author na! Naks naman ng ambition ko o di ba?!

    Pramis ha you visit me always para I don't get sad. Hikbi! Miss you all...


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