June 8, 2008

The Awesome 5

Ready for some awesomeness???

It's been 5 years today, since we said "I do" (wanna strangle you- este sinakal - oops kinasal ano ba yan!?) and we celebrated it Kung Fu style! -( I promise it has nothing to do with us being martial art aficionados or practitioners - Ok, ok maybe a bit! kulet ah. ) Friends and us with our bundle of joys went and watched Kung Fu Panda at Regal Theatre and sure had a blast! The movie is so hilarious, we parents, enjoyed it as much as the kids! It's definitely a must-see movie. I recommend (enforce!) for parents to bring their kids to the movie to see it. Po (parang popoh! sorry di mapigilan) is the "new fat!" and definetely a confidence booster for all the kids having weight problem. Not that the movie condones being "fat" or "obese" but it does promote awareness of the issue. You'll see the jest when you watch it. So go see it and I guarantee you'll have fun and lots of laughter in between! - And it don't matter if you're a martial artist or not - kid or adult! - Just go and have a blast!

So going back to our anniversary...After the movie, we "commissioned", (more like conspired with) our good friends to "steal" our miss princess away from us for the most part of the night so we can have some quality alone time together ( more like a quiet moment without having to deal with a 4 year old who acts like a 30 year old -sometimes -around us) on this special day - so we can dine and unwind in silence! (",) - not what you think, sorry, nothing like that here! (",)

We went to Cantina 1511 by Stonecrest Shopping Center at Rea Rd. It's an upscale mexican resto and our 1st visit. We were not disappointed. I loved my Pollo Laredo ! And hubby loved his tofu Fajita! Vegetarian no less! We were surprised to actually fine a decent vegetarian meal in a mexican resto and with Tofu no less! Impressive! Restaurants these days has truly evolved. More and more, they have started to tapped into the ever-growing population of vegetarian diners - which is good for hubby! It has always been a dilemma finding a "proper" resto where the three of us especially him could actually enjoy eating in. So we left the resto all-filled up (blame the chips!- we both didn't finish our meal but we left happy and satisfied) , that's for sure!

Our last stop was a coffee shop - It's a Grind - at Ballantyne Village to relax and just unwind and talk sweet (and sour) nothings to recap the night. It was a cool hang-out place inside the little village (only because it has free community wi-fi ! (",) - great for techno geeks like me and hubby- imagine us clicking away the time with our gadgets). So that, completes our celebration...cheer, cheers!

P.S. There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness - so try it folks! - you won't regret it...


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