June 6, 2008


How would you know if your child is guaranteed to "follow in your footsteps" ?

Here is an indication :
Look closely at the pictures and you'll see what I mean...

My little princess Jenna (who is not little anymore- never little at all!) has pulled this sweet trick on me 2x on different days. She is very creative that way. She loves to stack things meticulously and make them look like work of art!

She cherishes both the sandals at the top which we bought in the Philippines when we were there November of last year. To her, it has a sentimental value - it is a reminder of her visiting the Philippines and meeting my side of the family and her cousins for the 1st time! - as an excerpt from an incident : she accidentally left her sandal at a friend's house and after realizing she did, she cried her eyes out for 15 minutes ! sobs and cries in between.- she thought she has lost her precious sandals forever!

I swear, she could have won the Oscar award for her performance...
-Pang- famas bah!-

The 2nd one is my work shoes. I just got home from work and she said that my shoes and her sandals need to be together all the time - "like you and me mama!"


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