June 5, 2008

Summer Fever

Summer is here and so is my headache! It is so sweltering hot today and it has been giving everyone I know a headache! I have a headache which started yesterday. It is so hard to focus with my little nerves rebelling inside my head and translating into a pounding pain! Aargghh!!! for anyone who experience migraine headaches, I'm sure you can relate. I went back to work after my lunch, armed with a washcloth which I drenched with cold water and had it draped over my nape and occasionally, pressing it against my face for cool comfort throughout the rest of my day. Oh the woes of summer heat! I'm glad I don't live in Kuwait or the Philippines anymore. Could be worst! I feel for my family and friends who lives in both these Hot hot countries! May the cool breeze of the northern sky blow kisses to your flushed cheeks and your sweaty (if not stinky) kili-kilis! hehehe!!! Right Jenna?! kili-kili !

My consolation of the day : My boss came in to my office singing "you are the sunshine in Dale's life..." - sweet! but my, I didn't want him to make my headache worst so I stopped him before he does irreversible damage to my ear or my brains! (",) - overall, you don't get your boss to serenade you all the time(knowing my boss- you'd think he had lost it! ) so, I guess it was considerably an Ok day at work afterall in spite of my nagging headache...


  1. sinabi mo pa! here in FL, it's 90-105 on most days so hindi lang kilikili ang pinapawisan, hehe!

  2. Ngek! Ibig sabihin mula paa,tuhod, balikat, ulo! - napakanta pa ko ha! (",)- Keep cool Mother! And don't forget the ever-reliable payong.


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