June 5, 2008

Life's Essence

Incident date : 6/2/08 - Monday

It's the 1st Monday of June. It's the 1st day of the week. what could go wrong ? In this world, even in a split second, a lot can happen. And so it did for me! At this day, I was on my way home from work. Relieved to finally end the day and be with my family. I rushed to my car and drove off. Getting onto the main road is always a pain where I work. I waited until all is clear and all cars has passed. Finally, the opportunity came and I got onto the road. I looked behind me and saw a minute image of a red car trailing from about half a mile from me. I reached the intersection that I need to turn to and braked to a stop to wait for the opposite lane to clear off before I can turn left. I was waiting for the last car from the opposite lane who was turning right into the intersection I needed to go when all of a sudden a loud bang which sounded like a big metal had just fallen from the sky startled me out of my reverie and almost made me jumped out of my seat! Then like a classic scene in a movie where everything stood still and slow, that moment became my own "matrix' scene. Out of nowhere, Right next to me, about 5 inches away, a red van wheezed by with awful force and speed, hitting all the road signs on its' path and creating a crunching, banging noise that scared the bejebeez out of everyone in that intersection! I saw the red van, shoke and jumped next to me with grass and dust flying all over the place with its' wrath. As sudden as that van appeared, the fastest he disappeared. I didn't even catch his license number. That crazy driver apparently has no value for his life. He has swerved into that very narrow road shoulder for what? to save him precious seconds that nearly cost him his life and mine?!

If you guessed, you would have concluded that it's the car that I saw before I turned into the road. He was speeding beyond the sense of speeding. I came home still shaken from that incident. If that car had hit me, I probably be not of this world anymore or mangled badly if I did survive it. But I was not! God was watching over me that day! And So this is my gratitude for the day. The chance to live another day!

We take life for granted and the toils it give us each day until we face a scene that threatens to take it all away, then we realize how precious it is to live and enjoy it with the people we cherish the most!


  1. i'm glad you're ok!! dami talagang crazy people in the world.

  2. Sinabi mo! Ewan ko ba, nakahawak lang ng manibela eh- driver na! (",)


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