June 11, 2008

The Jewel in Jewelry

To people who personally don't know me will not know that I am fond ( no, obsessed? fanatic? or simply has affinity to? ) of jewelry ( blame my mother for it who ingrained the attraction to it at an early age). I guess, I just love jewelry! specially the exotic and ethnic ones that simply spells "simple but beautiful" - no bling-blings please! aahhh! - (di ko ganun kayabang o ka-show-off bah! - and di ako bisaya ha-type ko lang say bah! o di bah!)

So much for kabah-bah-han, It is with this fondness that I am delving into the world of jewelry making. They say, put your passion into work! so, I am employing all my "talent" in handcraft-making and turning them into profit, be it passive or simply for fun!( huwag naman sanang fun altogether dahil money is involved!- magastos)

I did some prototypes last night and came up with these two adorable creations. I can assure you that they were created with love and 100% care . Jenna loved her pink(of course) bracelet! So, if you are interested in custom-made jewelries, get in touch with me and I'll make you one!( may bayad syempre and if you order the minimum amount, you get free shipping)

Modern Mala Bracelet - made with organic wooden beads

Princess bracelet made with glass beads

I'll be putting up my website soon, so you can see all my collections. Enjoy! and please let me know what you think...


  1. uy ganda! napaka-creative mo naman mother! :)

  2. pag nagka-time gawa ko rin si Ninnay. Like ba nya pink?


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