June 12, 2008


Whaatt ??? - i don't know, I just made that up but who knows it might actually make it to Webster.

Now here's the real scoop, what would you do if you caught someone sleeping at work ???

- Let me know what you're insights are. Inputs from other people is always good!

My Answer : Take a picture !

My officemate sleeping at half past 2 in the afternoon. I tried to take a picture of him and his maltese dog, who was also napping, but it came out blurry (like master, like pet). He asked for my permission if he can doze off for a bit ( yeah right! I will collect dues later!) so, I can't complain. I might use this as a wild card someday! (",)

Shhh !!! don't tell him...I hope he doesn't kill me for posting this photo!

Now, it's your turn...


  1. nasaan na yung tag mo? nagawa ko na ito dati pero nawala na yata dito sa blog mo, haha.

    nabasa mo ba? my answers are here: http://mrsworkinggirl.com/2008/06/25/tagged-sleeping-game/

  2. oo yata. Ewan ko, subra distracted sa blogging! ung tag mo , try ko gawin soon! tenk u tenk u


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