April 30, 2017

Carowinds Taste of the Carolinas Makes A Flavorful Comeback

I had the opportunity to experience and savor the tasteful offerings of Taste of the Carolinas at Carowinds right on its opening weekend, and this year, it's a little more special...

Not just food sampling
In contrast to last year's, TOTC included handmade artists featuring and selling their creations and designs you can easily identify as "native" to the Carolinas this year. An added bonus, so to speak. While your palate is feasting on the sumptuous flavors of the State's different regions, your eyes on the other hand gets to feast on the impressive handiwork of the various artists featured at the event.

One that was enjoyed by many, including my food-seeking eyes, is the ice sculpture show; where I got rained on with ice and snow - but of which was a welcome drench on a hot, sunny afternoon!

Not to forget, the vegetable carver lady was also a hit, as so is the wood carver.

Frog legs anyone?
For the thrill seekers with sophisticated and non-discriminating palates, the frog legs offered at Outer Banks Region booth is a good place to jumpstart your roller coaster rounds to the different food offered at TOTC.  Afterwards, you can hop on over to the Tasting Class tent for some first-hand food sampling class hosted by top chefs.

Uncomplicated Sampling
Compared to last year, the number of tokens for each food on the sample menu this year, are almost entirely uniformly priced at 3 tokens each except for a few items, including the beer and wine samples which is 4 tokens each. Uncomplicated means enjoyable experience hopping from one food booth to the other.

SC BBQ Region: Barbecue Roasted Corn and Pulled Pork Spring Roll with Carolina Mustard Sauce,
Charleston Region: Sweet Tea Glazed Chicken 

3 tokens for $4. There are token booths within the event area for those needing more.

Make it a Family or Couples Date
If you're not doing anything special this weekend, Taste of the Carolinas is worth going to. It can make for a great family or date trip when you'd rather do something exciting other than being stuck at home doing nothing.

TOTC is available on the weekends from April 22 - May 14. It is located next to the Harmony Hall. Don't miss it!

Disclaimer: I'm a long-time Carowinds season passholder and currently an official Caro-blogger for Carowinds. This post is part of the program but all opinions are mine, unless otherwise stated. 


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