March 14, 2017

Photography: When Winter Unleash its Wrath On Nature The Outcome Is A Beautiful Death

It's halfway through March and Winter seemingly have left for good since the onset of February. The unusually warm weather gave way to a premature Spring. Trees have bloomed. Some sprouted new leaf. Some still budding. My allergies started acting. Achoo!  It's undeniably Spring! We were beyond happy to imbibe ourselves with the comfort of warmer weather and embrace the beauty, including the unpleasant effects of Spring. But then Winter decided it's not done and made a striking comeback! So unexpected and unforgiving but for all its oddity, the white specks that enveloped the trees, its blooms, and flower-filled grounds, which speaks of death, painted a scene - a scene of a very beautiful death...

My smiling Jack Skellington antenna topper with a chunk of snow on its head is an appropriate image to represent the reaction Winter must have had while it was dropping all its snow on us and saying "take that! I'm not done yet!"

Now I do hope that with Winter putting death to an early Spring, it doesn't give way to Spring coming up with its own dose of revenge. Eitherway, I'm stocking up on antihistamines.


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