March 15, 2017

Hamilton Is Finally Coming To Charlotte - Locally Handmade Hamilton-Inspired Creations Are Ready For It!

It's awesome that Hamilton is finally coming to Charlotte! I could not wait and I have more than one reason for being so.

Since the end of last year, I had not one iota of clue what Hamilton is all about and why everyone's going crazy about it. I decided to "investigate" and voila! A new inspiration to create Hamilton-inspired items for my SteamZen shop emerged and I was in for an exhilarating ride from then on.

My creations became my breakout hit for 2017! My customers come from all corners of the country and across international waters, but oddly, not one from Charlotte.

The irony, right? But hopefully, that might change soon... I can't wait to share my creations to my fellow Hamilton-loving Charlottean.

Here's a sneak peek of these bestselling Hamilton-inspired creations that's bringing smiles to happy owners across the country and the UK.


One of a kind Earrings:

Cuff and Steampunk-inspired Bracelets:

See the rest of our different collections in our online store SteamZen for more. You might just find one that speaks to you!  Help support local artist and female-owned small business in Charlotte. 


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