August 19, 2015

Tech Talk: Get Powered Up And Stay Charged With a Powerful Travel Charger! (Back to School Giveaway)

UPDATE: Giveaway is over and winners will be chosen and announced shortly. Thank you to all who entered and best of luck!

For some parents and their children, back-to-school can be a source of anxiety. You may call it separation anxiety but I prefer to call it "safety and adaptability concerns issue". This is why there's an urgent need to arm our young smartphone-ready kids with smartphones and any communication devices as they head back to school to make sure they're always "within" reach when needed. But, there's more to just having a smartphone. Ensuring that your child's smartphone stay charged and powered up is another story.

Smartphones battery life are proven to drain pretty quick. It is crucial to partner with a good power charger that's reliable and powerful to recharge their gadgets whenever and wherever, so that your child can always make that important call to you when the need arises!

I have a daughter that's going back to school soon - in a new school, in a different location farther away from home and knows no one. You bet I'm arming her with a smartphone, because I have a feeling I might be getting few crucial phone calls during the first few weeks. She'll also get a powerful charger with that to assure her she have a power source to recharge her phone when her phone decides to "die". Usually, somewhere away from a power source like inside the bus and she's running late and I'm waiting at the bus stop wondering where the heck her bus is!

My new BFF
So, when Jackery Inc asked me to test their Jackery Giant + Mobile battery travel charger, I was like, "hell yeah!" And I can tell you, this bad boy can easily become your BFF too. It come loaded with energy storage capacity of 12,000 mAh. Meaning, it can power up two devices at the same time. Thanks to its dual USB output, charging two devices is easy and doable.

It can power any Android smart devices, iPad, iPhone and Galaxy - which I own except for the iPhone. And there's a little neat thing about this charger. It's equipped with a flashlight! Not sure when this would come in handy but it's good to know that it's there in case it's needed.

Like any powerful travel chargers, they can pack a little bit of weight to them. This one isn't exempted. It weighs 10.4 ounces but light enough to carry around in your purse or bag. I also like the color choices. it comes in four colors and my favorite is the bright orange. I like it because it is so vibrant and also, I can easily spot it anywhere - which is good - it makes it easy for me to find it.

My Jackery Giant+ met my hotspot device in no time inside my favorite restaurant! / Photo +Maricris G 

My Jackery have been in all my adventures lately. Grocery shopping, at my favorite restaurant, at the dentist, doctor visit, cafe, the mall, even at my backyard while I work at home - you name it - it's synonymous to having a permanent travel buddy that works to my advantage! The great thing I love about it is that, I can also charge other gadgets I own and carry with me all the time, including my hotspot device. Now that's one epic multi-device-charging charger!

Stay charged
This charger charge fast which is a lifesaver during crucial times when you need it most. And if you need to use your device right away, you can. Charger starts powering your device up the moment it gets connected to it which enables you to use your device while charging without interruptions.

Realistically, I don't have a need to charge my smartphone all the time since I always plug it in my car to charge when doing errands but, it's a great back-up, like when I spent hours inside the mall shopping and my phone was at the helm of dying. My Jackery was my hero that day!

Jackery for every need and style
They have several designs catered to every need and style. Check their product collection and discover which one suits you best at

Giving one to you
Here's the exciting part. Because I adore you and you rock, together with Jackery, we're giving away one Jackery Giant+ Mobile Travel battery charger. Retail $39.99

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  1. I would use it while on the road

  2. I would use the charger on trips.

  3. This would be great for days at the lake. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  4. I would use it while I was kayaking! It always scares me to run out of battery when noone knows where I am on the river!

  5. I would use this while traveling. Love that I could use it for multiple devices and not worry about having to recharge it right away. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  6. I would use this in the car the most.

  7. from Donna Urey~

    On our trips in to town for the day~

  8. I would use it while driving and while out of town.

  9. I would use the charger on trips.

  10. I would use it when we go camping.

  11. i would take it with me to disneyland!

    danielle marie


  12. I would use the charger when out doing errands.

  13. I would use the charger mostly when travelling and on weekends.

  14. My husband would use it when hes traveling for work.

  15. I have been looking for something like this! My battery dies quickly and I'm constantly worried that my phone is going to die on me just when I need it the most!

  16. would use it mostly while traveling

  17. I would use it volunteering, my phone always dies

  18. My camera! When I travel I always worry about it running out.

  19. I would use the charger when I travel. I would also keep it in my purse in case of emergencies so if my battery is getting low and I am out, I have a way to charge my phone.

  20. anywhere I'm not around an outlet source.

  21. My husband uses them all the time to keep his devises charged, at home and on the road.

  22. I would use it when we go on our day trips


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