January 6, 2014

Feed Your Geek Side with Edge

I should tell you now that when it comes to my mobile phone, I always want to have the latest device in the market and of course, equipped with the latest technology. You know it. Geeks like you and me won't settle for anything less and obsolete. Would you?

Mobile phones gets old pretty quick these days. And with the fast turnaround on mobile technology, your relatively new phone, right now, can easily become ancient in a moment's notice. Bet on it! But thanks to a new mobile program Verizon Wireless is offering, you can actually Edge ahead in this race as easy as 1-2-3!

Well, 6 months to be specific! And that to me, doesn't sound like a long wait either. Wouldn't you be delighted if you can switch to the latest device every year? If you ask me, my resounding answer is "I sure am!"

Verizon Wireless' new innovative Edge program lets you upgrade to a new phone every year! Now, to a mobileholic, this does sound truly appealing, doesn't it? A new phone every year is divine!

I should know this pretty well.  I used to work for a wireless company and one of the perks as an employee is the ability to upgrade your current phone with the latest device whenever they become available. A pretty exciting experience for me to say the least. And the prospect of getting my hands on the newer devices every year made it the more delightful!

Edge program is quite similar. The only difference is, you don't have to be an employee of Verizon to avail of this perk.

You just have to meet their straightforward eligibility requirements and you're good to go!

  • Six months of good payment history
  • Eligible for an upgrade

And this is the awesomeness you'll get:

  • No upgrade fee
  • No finance or activation charges
  • No long-term service contract

And more:

And for a limited time, receive a Verizon gift card of at least $100 when you buy a new 4G LTE smartphone on Verizon Edge and trade in your old device. Plus, your first Verizon Edge payment and activation are FREE.*

Tell me isn't this delightful?

I think so!

Now you don't need to  know that I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 right now but I'll tell you anyway because I overshare like that, and that I'm also more than ready to Edge Up in a heartbeat, as soon as "that" better phone becomes available!

Count on it.

Convinced yet? For more detailed information on Edge, Click on the FAQ link and get your burning questions answered right away: Verizon Edge FAQs

Are you ready to get on the Edge?

Disclosure: I'm aVerizon Wireless Ambassador and this post is related to my role as one. I'm not trying to sell you on the idea covered on this post, but I can't help it if you do because it sounded that good. So, read at your own risk! All opinion is mine unless otherwise stated.*


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