January 7, 2014

10 Things I Can Do Now That I'm Afraid To Do 10 years ago

I tell you, the business of being married had taken the term "Comfort zone" into a whole new different level for me. One thing that I probably will not find myself in if I were still single now. I'm also not sure if you've reached this same Nirvana at this point of your wedded blessedness, but we can compare notes right here, right now if you're willing to dish out some of your own little secrets with me. Alright, I'll start.

I've been married 10 years now but it seem like it was just yesterday. Don't you ever get that feeling? It sure blows my mind thinking how long ago it was and yet it doesn't feel as if it was! Oh trust me, I so prefer the "10 years after" than being at that early stages in my marriage. That thing they call honeymoon stage? It sucks! Tons of awkward moments that I wouldn't even dare try remember or relive. Would you?

I thought not.

Let's just say that, I'm more comfortable - probably even beyond to a fault -  in my own skin around my husband now than I did 10 years back. And if you're too embarrassed to admit, which I'm not - this includes all bodily functions, their oddities and obscurities - if you get my drift!

So here are the 10 things that I was afraid to do then but have no qualms, whatsoever, doing it now! Not in necessary order either:

  1. Freely fart like an old fart - Non-negotiable. 
  2. Burp like a truck driver and yes, proudly at times too. 
  3. Snore like a tractor, where on a good night, I'll chime in and join my husband on a nocturnal Concierto!
  4. I'm no longer shy about my morning breath. Who cares?
  5. Not shower in 2 days and achieving a unique aroma with some nice effect  -  one word: Pheromones.
  6. Pick my snotty nose whenever  - Well darn, if you've got allergies, you always get snotty nose!
  7. Get down and frumpy is my new sexy - I'm allowed totally. 
  8. Wear an "un-made-up" face each day and not feel less attractive - Natural beauty rocks!
  9. Or walk around naked like I was a part of the nudist club and not feel insecure one bit - heck yeah!
  10. Embrace my gray hairs a little more each day - learning by his example.

Now, let me point it out to you though that this is not a show of, I stopped caring about myself kind of thing, but rather, I started giving myself the freedom to just be me and let "natural" occurrences occur naturally kind of thing. It's not just about losing all inhibitions, which IMO is a very good thing, but rather finding that "comfort zone" and living it to the fullest!

After all, holding a huge burp and a big fart in, is a very uncontrollable business, don't you think?

Let me see you try.

Now, who is brave enough to admit that our notes are the same or similar or close?


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