November 16, 2013

Useful Ways to Utilize Laundry Dryer Sheets You Never Thought Possible

This is my second cover story on dryer sheets. I promise, I'm not obsessed with my dryer sheets. It only happened that I discovered different uses that is worth sharing. My creative brain found ways to utilize the product beyond its standard use and so far they've work to my advantage. This time, I'm pushing the boundaries beyond a dryer sheet's usage. To me, it's no longer just a fabric softener. It is more.

Here are ways you can make use of the common dryer sheets:

1. Air Freshener - This is my favorite. Hang one piece of your favorite dryer sheet in the middle of the room. Works great in your bedroom or office. If you have a ceiling fan, you can hang it on the pull switch like I do. Close the room and let the scent fill the room. To get a continuous burst of fragrance, hang it on the AC/Heater exhaust and enjoy the fresh smell. The scent on the dryer sheets (depending on brand) will last about a week. 

2. Deodorizer - You know it! Musty closet filled with smelly shoes is a killer. Hang a piece of dryer sheet inside the closet and let it do its fragrant work. Don't limit yourself to one if the odor is really bad. 

3. Aromatherapy - Some dryer sheets uses essential oils and they smell really good. Put one inside your walk-in closet for that lasting scent that brings you that burst of feel-good sensation as you walk in. It also makes your clothes smell like newly-washed. 

4. Odor neutralizer - Instead of using harsh chemicals that you spray after you "do your thang" inside the toilet, hang a dryer sheet or tape them on either side of the tank and make sure to close the door after use! It will gobble up scents that you'd rather not smell and will make the fan's work a little faster!

5. Aroma Diffuser - I love this too. Now that it has gotten colder, scent plays a crucial role in lifting up my spirits when the weather gets gloomy and overcast. I would tape a piece of my favorite dryer sheet on the top of my fireplace's heat exhaust window. As the heat is blown out into the living room, so is the fresh scent from the dryer sheet. 

Why this works? 
It is cost-effective. It eliminates spending dollars buying your regular, sometimes costly, air fresheners and the like. It's also flexible. It covers many uses. All you need is a creative mind and a few dryer sheets!

And don't throw those used dryer sheets! Turn them into work of art! 

Bonus tip: Use dryer sheet as car freshener for your car. You can cut it into strips and tape them into one of the AC/heater fans lever windows.  

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