November 15, 2013

Xtreme Recycling: Flower Bouquet and Potpourri from Dryer Sheets

Did you know you can turn your used dryer sheets into a cute work of art? Yes you can and I'm going to show you how! I recently changed fabric softener sheets (aka dryer sheets) brand and though I like both, I prefer the latter due to its ability to retain its scent even after usage. This "inspired" my creativity to recycle the sheets into something appealing and useful. Instead of throwing them away, I turned the used sheets into scented flower bouquet and the extra, into "potpourris" where the bouquet sits. The creation looks cute and smells good. So, don't toss your used dryer sheets yet until you try your hands on this one! Makes for a fun project and great recycling idea too.

I did a video tutorial on this one as it is easier to show you how to do it. You only need three materials to create this project: used dryer sheets, clear tape and bamboo skewers.

Watch the tutorial directly on our channel : Flower Bouquet + Potpourri

Extra used sheets inside jar serves as the "potpourri"

Here is another great idea
Use the "flowers" as a gift decor and shows your scentfully creative personality!

Note: The dryer sheets used in this tutorial is Mrs. Meyer's in Lemon Verbena scent.
Bonus tip: If you want to re-scent your flower and potpourri, spray them with your favorite perfume or body spray and enjoy the fragrance as it fills your room.

Up next: Other useful ways to use Dryer sheets besides softening your laundry.


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