January 17, 2013

Tech Talk: The Mystery behind Google Code Subversion Repository Solved

How would you feel if you recently published a new post negating a need to embed a giveaway entry submission widget, you embedded the codes, checked, rechecked and completed the task confidently, hit publish, then went to bed, only to wake up to an annoying error message on your mobile when you check on it the next day? The crazy thing is, it's working find on your laptop. Then there's the issue of you not being sure which codes were causing the error. You installed a gazillion scripts the night before. Frustrating and tragically alarming?  You bet!

If you're getting this error "Sign in to bloggergadgets.googlecode.com" on your mobile platform or on your laptop, there's a huge possibility that you have a blogger third-party widget that either crashed or broke. Be a Sherlock Holmes or Poirot and investigate your blog, pronto!

Screenshot of Error pop-up on my mobile

It is highly annoying and if your potential new readers keep getting this pop-up error whenever they visit your site, you might be driving them away for good.

The night before, I have embedded  three different scripts: Rafflecopter, Statcounter and Google Analytics at the same time on the template of my giveaway post. Things were A-OK when I hit published. The next day, it was a horror story.

Everytime I visit my site on my mobile, I would keep getting the pop-up message asking me to sign in. It alarmed the heck out of me. I kept ignoring it but it won't go away.  To make matters worst, I can't find a plausible explanation online. Thanks google!

My immediate instinct was to remove the possible suspect on my post's template. I began removing each script and rechecking it on my phone. It's still popping-up! I was at my wit's end when I notice one of the recent third-party blogger widgets I added on my sidebar was not pulling information. It was completely blank. Light bulb moment! 

I have added the Recent Posts Widget the day before. It was working then but oddly it stopped pulling information from my blog the next day. This happened before but it corrected itself so I dismissed it. I should have noticed the coincidence.

To end the mystery, as soon as I removed the corrupted widget, the pop-up on my mobile went away as well. *insert big sigh here*

Moral of the story: Don't embed third-party widgets within blogger gadget. A lot of them don't function too well with the new dynamic views. The end.

Mystery solved.


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