November 27, 2012

Saving Food and Money with Green Refrigerator Machine by Ozonator {Review}

The Ozonator doing its work inside my fridge!

The inside of our refrigerator is probably different from most regular household in the sense that it contains more vegetable and fruit produce than meat. One member of my family is a long-time vegetarian which most often that not influences what goes in inside of our fridge! Fresh and organic produce are common items which usually are quick to spoil when not consumed quick enough. These usually results to waste, not just of the product but money as well. One that we're very painfully aware of!

This has always been an issue that I wanted to find a suitable and reliable solution to, or a product that can extend the freshness of these perishables which in turn will save us some money in the process. When I heard of the Ozonator and the promising quality it possesses, I instantly jumped on the opportunity to utilize it. This little bad boy is now working its magic inside my fridge for a week, and so far so good!

The difference:

1- Freshness of produce - It has been noticeable how my fruits and vegetable stays fresh longer and the usual spoilage that seem to appear within the week has not appeared as expected. This is apparent on my vegetables. And to me, this is a total win and a major breakthrough in my effort to save money and avoid waste!

2- Odor repellent - After the initial distinct ion odor that the machine emits upon activation, the smell vanishes and unnoticeable afterwards. Emphasis on the UNNOTICEABLE! It seem that any discernable odor have vanished as well. I couldn't even smell that distinct "cheesy" scent of my cheeses! And THIS is a good thing!

"The Green Refrigerator Machine (GRM) is an eco-friendly, award-winning and inexpensive refrigerator update that uses patented ozone technology to keep food fresher longer, preventing waste, and extending healthy life of refrigerated foods. "

In Summary:
The GRM by Ozonator is living up to its potential. It is compact, handy and in my opinion, a product worth giving a try! The only thing you're going to lose utilizing this product are wasted produce and unnecessary expenses - which to me, is a great thing!

This product will make a good gift for your mom, your mom-friend or for those who are so ever-conscious-to-save-money friend of yours but most especially to YOURSELF! Christmas gift perhaps? I think so!

+Product retails for $49.99 but worth every penny if you ask me. Battery-operated.
++ Product was provided by Ozonator through MomSelect to facilitate this review. No compensation involved. All opinions are ours and based solely on personal experience.

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  1. The Ozonator is looking really great. What a very awesome product, I can't believe I haven't heard about it before. I can't wait to try this one out.


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