November 29, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Our Top Picks for the High-Tech Geeks!

Why we picked them:

1. Canon EOS Rebel T3 - It's easy to use and boasts of features that's technically similar with the more high-priced counterparts. It's perfect as a beginner's first-time DSLR. At 12MP, it's powerful enough to take  high quality images. I love mine and worth every penny I spent on it. A steal at $429 on Amazon with the included 18-55mm IS II Lens.

2. New iPad and iPad Mini with Retina display - Imagine staring at a screen with vivid, crisp and clear images, so lifelike, it almost looks real. That's the power of the retina display. A perfect gift for the geek who wants nothing less but perfection of his gadgets. The Mini with its 7.9 inch screen display is equally stunning and best of all, it's pretty compact and handy. I personally love my new iPad. It's my entertainment central on the go! Retail price starts at $329 for the mini and $499 for the new iPad.

3. Leap Frog Leap Pad 2 - I've always identified the Leap Pad as a great first step for young geeks towards the more sophisticated tablets. It's fun, colorful and entertaining. It boasts of a front and back camera and lots of apps for the pad enthusiast! Not bad for a starter gadget. My daughter loved her Leap Pad and was a great gaming gadget too! Retails for $99.99.
4. Nexus 4 - Nothing beats a phone powered by Google and having seamless access to it like working directly on your own laptop. The camera with its notable 8MP takes stunning images and records video in full HD 1080p. Buying it unlocked also gives you total control of your phone and its features. Retails for $299 which is a great deal!

5. Mac Book Pro 13 inch with Retina display - I should tell you that I fell in love with this book at first look! I made a side by side comparison with the regular mac book pro display and my mind was blown away by the crispness and image details of the retina feature. The 13 inch is also a great size for traveling and without compromising productivity while on the go! A good investment. Retail price starts at $1699.

6. Nexus 7 - When iPad mini won't cut it. The Nexus 7 is a tad smaller than the mini with 7 inch display but still powerful enough to use for entertainment and productivity at home or on the go. It's the perfect choice for those who are a big fan of the android platform. Retails for $199.

7. Kindle Fire HD - The most sleek and trendy looking reader out in the market today. And as powered by Amazon, possibilities and book availability is endless. The image display is also vivid and works great for streaming a movie or playing a game. Great for the geek who can't stop reading! My Kindle Fire saved me from many a boring plane rides! Retails for $199.

8. Roku Player HD - When cable and dish is not the best of options, you have Roku player HD to fill the void. It offers more choices and options and a wide array of entertainment and music channels. Perfect when you have a Netflix streaming account too. It's my family's all-in-one entertainment center for years now and we continue to love it! Perfect for those who are ready to give up their traditional TV and start saving money! Retails at a sale price for $39.99 via Amazon.

+ Product featured here are gadgets personally owned or highly preferred due to personal research, excellent features and  highly-rated consumer reviews. Brands are not in any way connected to this guide or is an sponsor. All opinion are ours. 


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