September 22, 2012

Stop! Don't Panic! Feedburner is NOT shutting down

The ZERO subscriber count phenomena!

Feedburner user? I bet you, among other gazillion users like me, went through a massive panic attack yesterday when you saw your subscriber count went zilch, nada, ZERO! You're also probably still reeling with a bit of anxiety since the subscriber count is still zero as of today, just like mine. Not to say, the exaggerated confusion caused by misinterpretation of feedburner API shutting down on October 20th that's going abuzz viral online, as in right now. So convincingly believable, I won't be surprised if you've already cussed the google gods for taking this service away so soon, AND just like that! Well, listen up! It's NOT shutting down.

I went digging and here's the REAL deal. AS REAL AS IT CAN BE.

  • Feedburner API is shutting down NOT the service. Yes, the API, which stands for Application Programming Interface. In non-geeky term, it's the access offered to geeks so they can create a program "to interact with FeedBurner feeds, services and stored analytics". A third-party application. In short, shutting or deprecating THE ACCESS to feedburner API simply means developers can no longer make use of the API but the service itself is left intact.

  • Google will LET YOU KNOW if it will shut down a product or service. Yes they do! It happened when they had to retire BLOGGERS in DRAFT. Kind of killed by their own product. Ironic. But, they do prior announcement because they know they'll cause major heart attacks (if not hate-attacks) if they just kill-off a service without telling their gazillion users!

See? The rumors are NOT true! (Happy dance?) So stop the stressing and rest easy. Sleep well tonight (I know, I will!) knowing this is all but a glitch and who knows, your subscriber count and mine will magically appear tomorrow! Cross your fingers. Or, here's a suggestion, start looking into other similar services if you NO LONGER WANT THIS HEADACHE and this love-hate relationship with Feedburner. I heard Feedblitz is great during a conference. Only caveat, IT'S NOT FREE. So, your choice.

Me? Le sigh!

UPDATE: I did more digging and found this!


  1. Many many thanks for the clarification! I am really relieved to know that it is just a glitch and nothing serious. I starting thinking of an alternative to feedburner but couldn't find anything... Thanks for the information.

    1. I'm glad that this helped you Mahaveer! With Feedburner, you just never know when it gets all glitchy :-)

  2. Thank goodness you wrote this. I was in a massive panic bc I know next to nothing about the tech side of my blog and I was wondering what I was going to do. Thank you!

    1. I did too! I'm glad it's back to normal. But also gives a lot of us more reason to consider other similar services.

  3. While I agree that Google will announce a shut down if they intend to do so and that they have not, as of yet, done that - I still made a switch. The lack of support and customization, not to mention all the glitches and problems they always have, made me decide to go ahead and give something else a try. I'm very happy I did.


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