September 21, 2012

Magical Moments at Disney On The Road in Charlotte

Disney on the Road Charlotte

Experiencing Disney in any shape or form, no matter where you are, always seem to bring the same result: Excitement and thrill! That unmistakable reaction which Disney is known to stir from within even on non-Disney fans. The magic is just contagious! Undoubtedly, the same atmosphere experienced during Disney on the Road when it came to Charlotte! It brought women and men from all walks of life who shared one thing in common, social media, together in one Disney-inspired setting! It was a melting pot of influence, smartness and entrepreneurial prowess!

All melded in one room. Thanks to Disney and the great team of my awesome friend, Maria Bailey. Bringing Disney on the road to Charlotte, gave us an outlet to network, connect, learn but most importantly, to me, meet local women in my community that I never knew existed before that fun event! Some of them, I just read or heard about online, but most of them, I didn't have a clue. It was great to put a face on names I only knew online. And reconnect with some whom I haven't seen in years! Truly a magical moment.

Shannon Miller, Tiffany Krumins and Laura Spencer

I should tell you, getting the privilege to listen to Laura Spencer's funny antics and laughable stories are worth waking up at 6:00 in the morning! She is so funny, I think she should have her own Disney comedy stand up show! No dull moment around her for sure. While on the flip side, Shannon Miller, balanced the equation with her heartfelt story at how being a gymnast turned mother is championing life as a cancer survivor. Unfortunately, we never get to make her do a back-flip! Tiffany Krumins wrapped up the day with a re-telling of her inspiring success, life's drama and unique invention that got funded at Shark Tank!

And of course, we shall not forget our very own Charlottean women who presented during the Mom Panel.

Marcelle Collins-Clyburn, Katie Harding, Robin Pellei and Maria Bailey moderating 
Charlotte Mom panelists

Magical moments worth a thousand words.
@MaricrisG (That's me!) @AndreaUpdyke @AmyMcHodges

Shannon Miller and @MaricrisG (That's me again!)
Gotta love the "I just woke up" look!

ME. Me. ME. Meee!!! a little Disney-crazed.

Thank you Disney! Till we meet again. Oh check out MomTV, you might just see you know who (of course, it's ME)  in a video there! :-)

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  1. It was so fun to read about your time at On the Road! I wish one had come closer to my neck of the woods. I'd have wanted to go for sure! Great that you could connect with local bloggers.


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