September 27, 2012

ZM's Top Travel Essential Choices For a Hassle-Free Trek at the Airport

In a few days I will yet again be trekking through the halls and gates of airports. I love traveling but the thought of lugging heavy bags and luggages sometimes kills the excitement! It's a painful reminder of sore shoulders and achy backs. Add the hassle of  your personal bag toppling on the way side, dangling like an untamed monster and generally sitting unsecured on top of your carry-on when you need to give your shoulder a break or YOU NEED TO RUN, admit it, is just plain annoying at times! I decided, there's a better solution to all this. So, to eliminate this problem, I scour the internet to find unique travel essentials that would do the work for me!

Here are my top choices:
Bag Bungee in Action
1- Travelon Bag Bungee - I love this already! It keeps your personal bag secure on top of your carry-on luggage. Great when you're in a hurry and need to sprint. It eliminates the worry of your bag falling on the side or putting unnecessary strain on your hands and arms trying to keep your bags in total balanced. It gives you more freedom of mobility and less sore hands and arms! I bought this at Amazon for $12.45.

2- Austin House Add-A-Bag - Works great if you have extra bags to carry. But this one, I'm using to secure my "food bag" from the airport. It will free my hands from carrying anything and keep my food and drink secure. Of all the brands I saw, this one is the most simple and straightforward and seem the most versatile. I got it from Amazon for $5.00.

And if you have more bags to carry, you may want to consider getting the multi-bag stacker. Great for when traveling with your family. The only problem is, who will be willing to be the designated pack-mule!

3- Epiphanie Clover Camera Bag - For DSLR camera haulers, this is by far the classiest, chic yet utilitarian bag I've ever seen. My definite "woman bag" right now. Its got lots of compartment options using the "dividers" and best of all, it's got a dedicated pocket just for your netbook or laptop of up to 15". It's heavily padded for utmost protection which ironically makes it a little heavy and the braided straps can dig into your shoulders but thank goodness for the detachable, padded body-strap. It also offers a bit of wiggle room to get inside the bag when you need to fish for your e-ticket when checking in! This bag retails for $184.99.

Now let's see how I survive my trek at the airports using these essentials. Right now, I'm in a mad dash to get a-packin'!

What's your favorite travel essentials?

*Hey there! Products featured here are items I personally bought or already owned. Not a sponsored post. Just so you know!*


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