September 10, 2012

Friends Count Star and Heart Bears - Review

"A Friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature." - Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882) US poet & essayist.

I was once asked what does friendship means to me? It wasn't so much as being a trivial question that negated a response of the same nature, but friendship does encompasses a general rule. A friend is one you can count on, good or bad times but most especially during your bad times.

In celebration and tribute to friendship, Build-A-Bear Workshop created the Friends count collection to honor all their friends all over the world. One that I'm happy to be a part of. One that I'm grateful to share with my daughter and her friends who are all likewise big fans of BABW!

Friends Count Star Bear and Friends Count Heart Bear

I recently received Friends Count Star and Heart Bears and my first impression was, "They're beary adorable!" I specially like Heart Bear because of its Lavender color which is one of my favorite colors. Added details that made these bears adorable are:

  • Silver-Metallic Star and Heart emblems on their right chests - It looks even greater when lights hits it. It gives it that shimmery, glowy look. Same material embellishment can be found on ears and paws with the visually appealing designs of the words "BFF and Friends count" as part of its collective creative appearance.
  • Plush Fabric - It's pretty soft to the touch and it kind of reminds me of the shag rugs I have and love running my feet on. I just love the soft and silky feel of it. The same characteristic this fabric have that they used on these bears.
  • Pastel Colors - I love that they used baby pink and lavenders as the main colors for these bears. It just made them attractive and appealing to the eyes. 
  • Theme behind its creations - I think it made these bears a lot more special because it is inspired by friendship. They're just like friendship bracelets except it is made of bears!
And just like the friends I have created and the friendships my daughter treasures, these bears are destined to be loved forever.

**Build-A-Bear Workshop provided the products featured in order to facilitate this review. Zensible Mama is one of their 15 Blogger Friends and Ambassabear. All opinions expressed are solely ours.**

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  1. We were at BABW tonight after our planned trip too the Zoo Boo got rained out. It was pelting down icy cold droplets and we decided to just call our non refundable tickets a wash. Headed over to BABW so we'd still have something special to do that was memorable. E almost got the pink friendship bear but decided on a multicolored pastel bear instead. She went to sleep with her new best friend cuddled up in her arms. Called it the best Zoo Boo ever because instead of candy she got a bear she can keep forever.


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