August 11, 2012

Highlights Of The Week

I'm going to start a new feature at Zensible Mama where I hope to highlight notable posts published during the week, or posts that continue to create notable buzz, and feature them in a collection during the weekend as a great end to the week past. If you have any notable posts that you think deserves extended recognition, please feel free to submit them here. Now find our first offering for this week:

Zing your Summer Cold and Sore Throat Away with this Natural Remedy: Honey Lemon Ginger Zinger that even taste great as refreshers! Can I just say Yum - Again and again?

Sky Watchers will love these amazing photos collected during a span of a week capturing storm clouds and beautiful sun illuminations through spectacular clouds before and after a storm.

Geeks, Bookworms, Kindles and Nook-ers may just find this new way of gifting a book totally awww-some! Livrada e-book gift card's concept has got some cool potentials.

Looking for a great Family Movie night option? Try Diary of a Wimpy Kid for some fun and laughter galore. I almost pee'd my pants laughing at this one. I did end up LMBO and LOL'd with tons of tears of laughter while I was at it!

Hail the Power of Women! I'd say Amen to this anytime of the day. If you're a woman, say Amen with me!

Happy reading and enjoy your weekend! 

I'm off to a birthday party (actually parties). I'll eat some cake in your behalf (not that I need more excuse to eat more! tee he). 


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