March 20, 2012

Mom I blog! - How Do You Explain Blogging To Your Mom?

I never thought I would one day be faced with the challenge of explaining what blogging is to my mom. She has asked me quite a few times what blogging is and I've either stuttered trying to find the right words to describe it or go through a gibberish litany that just made her scratching her head at the end. Frustrating? Yes! Am I alone in this? I hope not! 

98% of bloggers I know do say they're right there with me, unless of course, they're just pulling my leg! So, is there an easy way to explain this to our inquiring moms (or friends perhaps)?

I don't really know but here's some of my rather unsuccessful attempts:

"Mom, it's like a diary. I write about stuffs and I post them on my site for people to read."
My mom: Diary? Isn't diaries supposed to be secret? Why in the world would you let others read your diary?

"Mom, it's like working for a company. I do work for brands as clients. I write about their products or review them, or do projects and promotional campaigns or outreach."
My mom: That sounds nice. But are you paid to do this? If it's like working for a company, then you should get paid, no?

Yeah mom.

Any of these familiar at all? Well, wait until I tell you what happened during my recent visit, which thanks to Toyota, was made possible for me to come see her in California.

A little background:
I'm a member of Toyota's Women Influencer Network, of whom recently flew me (and some members) to California for a 2-day TWIN Camp. Fortunately, they were able to arrange my flight in a way that I can stay for a few days to go visit my mom before returning back to Charlotte.

And here's where {more} confusion began.

I told my mom that I'm currently working on a campaign for Toyota, yadda yadda yadda and though she acts like she gets it, I firmly believe all that information went over her head.


I overheard her saying to all her friends proudly and braggingly, "Oh Toyota brought her here because of her work. I really don't understand what she does but I know she writes stuffs about them." To which people quickly responded, "Wow, so she is a journalist!" ohh-kayyy...

During my short stay, 3 of those days I spent explaining to people what blogging is! Thanks Mom! Did any of them get it? I have no clue.

Of course some of them even assumed I'm employed by Toyota but let's leave the gory details out at how I profusely explained that I'm not (though I would have pretty much liked if I was).

Were you successful in explaining what blogging is to your mom? How did you explain it? Do tell the proverbially elusive definition.


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