March 17, 2012

Green Cars and GREEN Cars

Today is St. Patrick's day and that traditional adorning of the color green IS A MUST! Or you know it, you'll suffer the consequence of being pinched! Well, we sure don't want that so, here at Zensible Mama in keeping with this age old tradition, we're going to join in on the fun and grace our little corner in the web with some green and some truly green in it's utmost essence by way of cars!

These is stinkin' cute!!!

Yes. Me and my cars! You do remember that I visited Toyota USA Headquarters not too long ago right? Well, I was there, I was introduced to quite a few of their impressive cars which I admired and some I got to test-drive or rode in! And I thought, what a better way to feature them but in honor of today's event because they are Green and some are really green!
1961 Green Toyota FJ25 Land Cruiser 4-Wheel Drive Open Top

The new Jabanero PriusC Hybrid (We got to ride this prototype) - recently launched in the market
Like the bold color?

The Prius V Hybrid - green as can be! And so smooth a ride!

Seen enough green? What do you think of these cars? Now, if you want to try some of these green cars yourself, check out your local Toyota dealers in your area for their Ride and Drive events! Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all! Make sure to wear green! Or better yet, drive green! :-)

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