January 24, 2012

Think Green. Green Works!

Green is no longer just a color. It is a statement. The new "Natural". A statement and a mission that I have been wholeheartedly embracing since the day I had my child. It is for this reason that you would understand me (and not give me that funny look) when I tell you how excited I got (I might have even squealed) when I received a box full of Green Works cleaning products by Clorox. Yup. No one else in this world gets quite ecstatic about a (not just any) cleaning products but me!

My husband and I are one of them ingredient-conscious consumers. We read 'em before we buy 'em. Less ingredients that is plant-based, natural and chemical-free are winners in our book. This is why we patronize products like Green Works not only for their natural ingredients but for their Green Mission: Design for the environment. Safety for the environment means safe haven for us.

I've always used Green Works all purpose cleaner but it was great to try some of their other products. Here is what I think about all of them and some:

All Purpose Cleaner - I use this anywhere. I even use it in cleaning my bathroom mirrors. The possibilities are endless. The reason for being? It is safe enough to use on just about anywhere but powerful enough to do the job! It doesn't give-off harsh chemical fumes when you spray, so to me that's a plus!

Cleaning Wipes - First time using it. I exclusively use this on my dining table. Why? I have a child that does a good job making a good mess on the table and leaving either a stain or food grimes. I noticed that the wipes easily cleans these off and leaves my table sparkling. ( and I love that!) Best of all, the wipes are compostable. Now that's a winner!

Bathroom Cleaner - Ever get yukky soap stains and soap grimes or mildew on your shower stall? I get them all the time. I'm currently using another brand's natural product to clean them off but the fragrance on that is a little too strong for my nostrils. This on the other hand, doesn't have that and I like that about it besides doing the job of course.

Laundry Detergent - I love the clean smell of this detergent. Mild and not overpowering. And the fact that it is 2x concentrated, the small bottle (45 Fl. oz) means we'll have lots of clean laundry for a while. Not that I'm complaining. It just means I'll have lots of folding to do in my very near future!

I hope more brands would think Green and go Green! And of course, make it affordable to every consumer in the market. Maybe then, we can all be Green like Green Works clean!

**Green Works by Clorox provided the products through Mombloggers Club to facilitate this review.**


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