April 21, 2010

A Green Pledge for Earth Day

If there's anything else that matters to me besides my family, finances and life itself, it is the kind of future my daughter will have. April 22 is Earth day and it makes me think about what I've done so far to help preserve our dying planet for her. It brings shivers to my entire body just thinking what with all the trash and toxic we throw at Mother Earth that there may not be enough left for her to enjoy or see when she's older. Doesn't it just scare you? Horror movies don't scare me, this does.

What have we been doing as a family to help this cause?
  •  Join a Recycling Program -Last year, I've joined a recycling program that upcycles recyclable materials while earning some bucks for your chosen school or organization (but quit due to personal reasons). It's a great way though to recycle all your trash into reusable accessories and school supplies and a lot more. Get involved with Recycling programs and make a difference.
  • Get Kids involved - We've taught our daughter the art of recycling early on and make her sort stuffs or put them in the proper recycling bins and educated her the importance of why we need to recycle them. This teaches her how to love her environment and the world she lives in. Too bad we can't recycle their diapers!
I commend all the establishments that takes all effort to recycle. Just last week, we were at Target and saw that they have huge recycling bins inside their store. 

Caution: Not all recyclable plastic are reusable. Avoid 3,6 and 7. These are the types that can release nasty hormone disruptors and carcinogens into your food and drink.
What are your Green initiative not only in honor of Mother Earth on Earth day but for the future generation of our kids? Every little thing counts.

Happy Earth day to all! May your side of the world is as green as your green initiatives!

Recycling Programs you can get involved with:

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    1. I found this on twitter, and I'm so glad you posted it. We need more eye opening information to help us become aware of the importance to recycling. And all simple tips help!

      I have a 4yr old daughter and she knows how to recycle :) She says she loves our planet and doesn't want it covered in a big pile of rubbish.

      Thanks for sharing this information


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