April 19, 2010

Working Mom - What Can You Not live Without ?

Picture Courtesy of Disney

For anyone who works - at home or at a corporate setting - we all have an office supply that  we can't do without. Call it obsession, addiction but really, without them, it's a huge organizational chaos! Can you guess, what my secret tool of the trade is?

Yep, sticky notes! Now, my obsessive relationship with sticky notes started when I worked in the corporate division of a top telecommunications company back in the Philippines. I worked there for about 7 years! Enough time to solidify my marriage with sticky notes. Back then, I handle LOTS of critical paperwork and documents of clients inclusive of Senators and Presidents. I needed something to keep my files in top order!

Why I love Sticky notes:
  •  It makes labeling and organizing files a breeze
  • Works best as a reminder note 
  • I can stick them anywhere even on my forehead
  • You don't lose them easily as a simple sheet of paper would
Then there's the Sharpie markers! I gotta have them or my sticky notes are naked without them!

Here's another cool stuff done with Sticky notes!

Now you know why I love Sticky notes! What about you, what can you not live without or function like an organized diva without?


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