April 23, 2010

A Fling with Spring

I love Spring. I hate Spring. Did you hear me say that in the same breath? Truth is, I have no personal enmity against Spring but my ever-so sensitive flat Asian nose does! Spring = Pollen. My nose hates pollen with a passion and pollen hates my nose back with the same intensity. Just ask my poor nose. She'll tell ya!

No, I certainly do not intend to talk about nose and snot. The fact is, last Saturday my fabulous bloggy friend Towanda who was also an awesome travel buddy once, invited this overly pollinated gal and her sidekicks to her Spring Planting Party. Even though this gal's nose is threatening to explode on her like a suicide bomber, she went! What I'm trying to say is, pollen can't stop this gal from partying! It was a total blast! - Just ask my nose.

Don't you just love this cake? Everyone loved it. Just like the way the kids loved the fun and games that day. It was the first time my family met Towanda and her family and her friends but everyone was all friendly and warm. After a while my little sidekick cooped up like a baby penguin on her father's lap ventured on her own.

The highlight of the party besides the yummy cupcakes and socializing and chattering with other moms was the pot painting and planting flowers that the kids did a good job with.

What fun it was! Just ask my nose. What a priceless reward to have a bloggy friend become a friend offline. This is why I blog. And this blog matters.

Just ask my nose.
Note to self : Must remember to remove my eyeglass whenever my picture is taken. I look like a reflective mirror! Ten four.

And this plane? No, it has nothing to do with the party. I was just mesmerized seeing them so up close while they land as we pass by the airport on our way home... took a snap and that's all to it. Over and out.

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  1. I am SOOOO happy you and your sidekicks enjoyed the party! And you're right, one of the great things about blogging is making online friends offline friends.


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