December 3, 2011

Charlotte Scene: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Came to Town

Jeff Kinney, Author of Diary of a wimpy kid
Long line. Long wait. That about sums it all up at the book signing of the Diary of the wimpy kid's new book "Cabin Fever". A good indication that a lot of kids truly love his book which was enough for them to weather the long wait that took about almost two solid hours for a less than a minute of time with the author, Jeff Kinney to sign their books. What's quite funny though is that most of us, not even the kids themselves, knew how the author looked like - and that added a trivial quest to endure the wait. What's more? Two of the lead actors were present to the children's utmost delight!

Another added treat was an artificial snow-covered play area for the kids to power up the promotion of the new book. Everyone loved it as expected. Here's how the rest of the day went:

THE wimpy bus rolled in. It was show time and yes, more waiting.

And waiting ever patiently. Reading their books as they sat on the front of a store's concrete pavement but not after signing the door first.

Finally we reached the author. Jeff was some guy. He can sign the books without even looking at them. And totally - not camera shy!

And the Actors who were giving away signed posters. I wish Zachary paid more attention to cameras. He should be more like Robert. See.
Zachary Gordon and Robert Capron

What a day it was! The only thing amiss in this whole trek was that: 
a) We spent more time waiting than actually meeting the author.

b) We waited long hours and Jeff Kinney didn't even afford his young fans the courtesy of personalizing the books. He owes that to them. That was really a dud on his part. Most of the kids felt a little disappointed about it. 

I hope next time he will rethink this option. It may do him a lot of good especially if he wants to sell more books. Just sayin'.

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