October 16, 2011

Playing Tag in Parenting - How You Can Use this Game as a Vital Parenting Tool

I bet ALL of you reading this now know the game Tag and have played it once or more in your life. But... did you know that the concept behind this fun game when "played right" can make for a great parenting tool? Yes it can!

Tag Parenting.
For two working couple with children, sharing equal parenting responsibilities takes a lot of effort, sacrifice, creativity and 100% willingness to take on the task without being unfair to your other half.

The Game.
  • Circumstances will determine who's the first "it". Life's unexpected events always acts as the game changer and usually selects who the initial "it" is in every situation. If you are chosen, be prepared and take charge as required. 

Practical application.
I'm never a morning person and waking up at 6am is not my cup of tea. If I do, I'm half-functional and not the most pleasant person in the world. Worst, I simply can't be the good mother my daughter needed me to be. So, the most zensible course of action in this situation? Hubby gets to be "it" and I get to "run awayuntil he tags me and I get to be the next "it" later during the day - which usually translates into:

He gets our daughter ready for school
He prepares her breakfast
He cooks her lunch and pack her snack
He walks her to school
(Added Bonus: He buys me my favorite Starbucks coffee and breakfast sandwich some mornings)

I cook lunch
I pick-up our daughter after school
I cook dinner
I take parental duties rest of the afternoon and night while he's gone

Not a bad trade off if you ask me. All other household chores are divided accordingly, but we of course tag each other "it" whenever situation calls for it!

This concept has gotten us through so many complex situations and we continue to apply it in every circumstances that life throws at us. Though I should mention that the real key here is willingness to be "it" irregardless of the unpleasant outcomes involved and willingness to participate... fairly. Parenting after all, requires team effort.

Tell me, do you think the concept of tag parenting will work well with you? Do you have other ways to make this concept even better? Please share your thoughts. Tag! You're it!

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