October 10, 2011

Are You Sure You're NOT Eating Genetic Engineering Foods?

I recently got this disturbing bit of information in my inbox. According to Gary Hirshberg, President and CEO of Stonyfield: "Genetic Engineering (GE) also known as GM (Genetically modified) ingredients are in 60-70% of non-organic processed foods. Most people don't know this, and food companies aren't required to tell you!" - Ok, that last statement is quite a shocker, is it not? If that was the case then we've been fooled for years eating un-natural food just because they can hide it from us!

This totally takes me back to my buying habit where I READ the ingredients first before I buy any kind of processed food to be on the safe side. Now with this revealing information, even that proved to be a futile course of action! I truly feel like a big fool right now! If food companies are NOT required to label them, then it's sufficient to say, we're screwed!

GMO Compass identifies a complete list of food and ingredients where manufacturers are exempted from labeling GMOs - be scared. 

And yes, you should be! It's enough to make one feel like a lab rat! We are the poor recipient of this huge science experiment. Experiments where results are instantaneous but side-effects are not yet known. Now THAT is scarier. Who knows what the long term effects of unknowingly ingesting GE foods will do to you. I truly don't want to find out. 
With all the crap that's already in our foods, having GE added in the growing list of unnatural food and ingredients in our mainstream diet is enough to make one NOT eat! 
Here are some foods that are GE and ones I least expected to be one:
Sweet Peppers
Hawaiian Papaya

If it were you, will you want food manufacturer to label GE in their ingredients? According to Reuters several organic associations including Horizon Organics and Stonyfield (brands I personally use) have recently filed a petition with FDA to require labeling of GMO food and I do hope they win! 

JustLabelit.org is the result of this campaign. They're the same organization that filed the recent petition with FDA. If you care about what's in the food you eat and want to be a part of their campaign, you can visit their website and simply fill out the comment form that goes straight to FDA's Commissioner Hamburg.

And to know more about what impact our current food resources are doing to us, I suggest watching these documentaries: (If you have netflix, they're all available there to stream)

I'm no activist but I'm when it concerns the food that goes into my mouth and my family's. Wouldn't you be too?


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  1. Wow, that is a bit freaky. I don't like feeling like a lab rat at all! Another reason to buy from the Farmers Market...assuming they grow things old school. Now I know why so many bloggers are going unproccessed this month.

  2. Excellent post! Have you visited http://www.cornucopia.org/ They have a great site and are dedicated to truthful advertising, labeling, etc and send out reports identifying true organic foods. Check them out. I don't mind paying extra for organic but some of the foods are not truly organic. It's NUTS!

    Thank you for your comment at my blog! I am your newest follower!

    I noticed an ad for Tai Chi at Lake Norman. My dad lives on Lake Norman- in Denver, NC.

  3. This leaves me speechless. This genetically modified/engineered food business is insidious, to say the least, and very invasive. They have enough money and clout to keep themselves in business and to keep most of us in the dark. But not for long! Thanks, Maricris, for posting this.

  4. It's scary isn't it? I've been trying to go more organic and vegetarian lately because of this. I believe that there is a reason that Europe bans most of our genetically modified food. I feel that if it messes with a food, it can mess with your body.


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