October 8, 2011

How to Cut Bagel Fair and Square or Round

Warning: This post is brought to you by a frustrated wife who dislikes eating the bottom part of a bagel. Though there are no foul languages involved, caution is advised. Well, only because you'll be handling a knife. You'll see.

I'm one who hates, I mean hates eating the bottom part of a bagel especially when it's the only thing I'm eating. Don't you? Yes, them hard, chewy bottoms! I think it's cruel to subject someone to eating them! (Can you tell my husband that?) But, don't you worry, I found a way to beat them bagel-top eaters who doesn't cut bagel fairly. No, don't be alarmed, it's all fair game. Get your bagel and knife ready!

It only takes 2 easy steps.
{ I promise you if you're not my undrunken Tai Chi master husband, you sure can do this one. }

1- Cut Bagel in half from top

2- Turn it on it's flat side and start slicing on smooth side

And you're done! You get both top and bottom. Fair share or what?!

Now this is simple as it can get. So next time you have a bagel, play fair! As for me, I'm going to enjoy my fair and square, er, half-round share of this bagel.

You do agree this is fair right?


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