October 25, 2011

How to Trick-Or-Treat Safe This Halloween

Witches, Zombies (just like that lady above), scary monsters, even pretty princesses and fairies will soon roam the earth and walk on your neighborhood streets and onto your doorsteps on Halloween night. And while Halloween is meant to be all fun and treats, dangers lurks in the dark of night. (Inject evil laugh here) Yeah, it can be a thriller night if you don't err on safety.

For parents like you and me, we all know that close parental supervision is unarguably the best way to keep our children safe every year along with a few other important trick-or-treat safety precautions added in.

Expanding from my Halloween Safety Tips last year, here are additional tips to make Halloween fun and safe for you and your children this year:

  • Opt for non-flammable costumes whenever available and possible especially for young children. A flame resistant costume is still the best choice when buying potential costumes for your children. With all the candle-lit Jack O' Lanterns lying around next to doorways and porches, flimsy, flammable costumes can easily catch fire in an open flame.  
  • Opt for non-toxic paint or cosmetics rather than masks which sometimes can constrict breathing and impede vision. Seeing clear at night is crucial when walking darkly lit or mostly dark streets.
  • Carry back-up walking shoes for comfort if your child opt to wear their costumes' matching shoes which most often than not are not meant for walking.
  • Dress for warmth at all times by wearing layers underneath costumes. Or carry an extra sweater just for good measure if weather gets colder (or when your child insists on wearing that thin costume!).

Trick-or-Treating - Visibility is the key when walking on dark neighborhood streets on Halloween. Children are four times more likely to get hit and killed by car on Halloween than on any other day of the year.  
  • Attach reflective safety patches on your childs' costumes like these decorative patches that I found at the dollar store. They're also fun and visually appealing. They'll go well with any costume!
  • Wear Glow sticks necklaces and bracelets to illuminate your child and create better visibility in the dark. Also available at the dollar store. Yep I love my dollar store!

  • Arm your children with flashlights. The last thing you need is having them trip and stumble on roadways with incoming traffic or fall on the ground and hurt themselves.
  • Instruct them to obey traffic rules and to walk only on the sides of the roads at all times! 
  • Never approach a house with no lights on. Who knows what lies behind those closed doors.
  • Don't let kids eat any candy out of their treat bags without checking first or sorted and checked by you at home and throw away any suspicious ones. Better be safe than sorry.
  • Eat a good meal before hitting the streets. A hungry and cranky child is not a fun child and will most likely devour all their treats even before you get home. Coming home with a child bouncing off the wall with too much sugar is never a pleasant treat to be had. 

Irregardless of what your beliefs and views on Halloween, if you do decide to let your child participate on this night time prowl, make sure to put their safety and yours on the top list! You don't want that Zombie lady coming after you, do you?

Have a safe Halloween! Boo!

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