October 30, 2009

A Fun and Safe Halloween For All

Halloween is probably the most celebrated holiday besides Christmas that I know of. And most loved by kids! Well, why not, it's the only time they get to dress up and more importantly hoard candies with 100% permission from us, parents. Yes, all that sugar that makes all the kids jump from wall to wall all night! And again, why not? It only happens once every year, right?

Now what if you can make this year different? Will you do it if given the chance? Have you heard of Reverse Trick or Treating? A project to help end child slavery in cocoa fields and promote fair trade. The gist is, it is the kids who will be giving treats to adults on Halloween. Check Global Exchange if  it's something you want to participate in. They provide the kits inclusive of free chocolates and flyers.

Or you can simply pay it forward with this great idea of Booing! from the fabulous Mom it Forward which was adapted from another creative fellow blogger Skip to my Lou. Just Download this special Ghost door Hanger , gather some treats and start booing your neighbors! 

And to make sure yours and your kids costumes doesn't catch fire while you knock on the door or ring on the doorbell trick or treating next to a candle-illuminated jack-o-lantern on Halloween, just grab this useful recipe that you can easily concoct at home and brew it before heading out the door Halloween night.

And oh! armed yourself with Halloween Etiquette too or mon dieu! Debrett, Britain's Etiquette authority will come after you! So remind the kids to always say "Thank you".!

Yoda of Star Wars courtesy of Telegraph.co.uk

By the way, if you need help carving out that pumpkin, Scott Cummins might be able to help you. He does 3-D version of famous faces like the picture above. Now I'm not sure I would want my face on a pumpkin, do you?

Well, I hope these great tips helps make your Halloween a big barrel of fun this year! And PLEASE feel free to share any tips and whatnots for a Halloween-well-worth-celebrating by leaving a comment for us to learn from.

A safe and Happy Halloween to all! Trick or Treat???


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Isn't Cindy of Skip to My Lou amazing? She features the funnest crafts on her site!

    I hope you had a terrific Halloween! :)

  2. You are right about reversing the getting to giving. I get the feeling too much is on the getting and I am going to have to reverse brain wash my kids somehow...

    I mean we tell them 364 days a year to not take candy from stranger and then one day a year it is ok to beg.

    Contradictions abound!!

  3. What a great pumpkin! I wish I could carve like that lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  4. I'm going to have to remember the booing for next year--what a great idea!


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