October 28, 2009

Project Bonding - Windows to my World Wednesday

Pumpkins on the Wall
at school outside the classroom

My little Girly's Pumpkin Diva Creation

Her Turkiness!

If there's anything rewarding beyond the tons of paperwork that my kindergartener brings home each day from school, the Fall Craft projects are one we both enjoy since we work on them together! It has become our own little bonding moment. Doing the projects together also encourages her creativity and at the same time promoting cooperation and participation. A great lesson for her to learn. So, what little ways do u do as bonding moments with your kids in this very hectic life?

Talking about hectic, I'm posting this really late today which is why Mc Klinky is not up. Let me know if you want to participate next week. See you then. Thank you! 

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