April 23, 2011

FREE Energy-saving light bulbs from Duke Energy

Our box of Free Compact Flourescent Mini-Light bulbs
from Duke Energy

Isn't it nice when a company you pay bills to each month provide ways to actually help you save money? Unreal right? Well, Duke Energy thinks otherwise. And to me, anything to help me save money while also being good to the environment? I'm. so. on. it!

We received a big box containing 15 pieces of Energy Star rated {20-Watt} Compact Flourescent Mini Light bulbs from Duke Energy today, for FREE. Yes, FREE! {thanks to my resourceful hubby}. It's part of their programs and services for managing consumers' energy and costs. And because, it is too good-a-thing to keep to myself, I'm sharing!

If you are from these states and a Duke Energy customer, apply to get yours today:

"A Small change can make a big difference..." quoted from Duke Energy flyer.

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