February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day is No Valentine's Day until YOU "Give A Piece of Your Heart"

Today is Valentine's Day and how much more appropriate to show the power of love is than today, the day of hearts! Besides, the roses and chocolates that we traditionally give our loved ones, in celebration of this day, how would YOU feel about doing something beyond the norm and extending that love to people you don't know but who certainly needs a lot of that love right at this very moment?
Hospitality House of Charlotte
Your home - while away from home!

Are you up for the challenge?
Hospitality House of Charlotte Executive Director, Kim Melton, recently got in touch with me with a hope that I would help them promote their current fundraising endeavor. And you know me, if it's for a good cause and for charity, I'm immediately on board!

HHoC recently kicked-off a virtual Valentine's Campaign to help raise funds to continue providing quality services to out-of-town families who finds shelter and care in their facility while their loved ones receives medical treatment. And needless to say, expenditures can get very expensive especially if you're from out of town and have nowhere to stay for days on end, that can possibly prolong to even a month, but in a hotel. 
Since 1985, Hospitality House of Charlotte has sheltered more than 35,000 guests, from 49 states and over 30 countries. We shelter about 217 guests a month for an average of 10 days.   - an excerpt from Hospitality House of Charlotte history page
In lieu of Valentine's Day, Hospitality House of Charlotte hopes that you would give them a piece of your heart by way of  "purchasing" a virtual piece of chocolate.  
With 22 pieces of candy in our box and 22 bedrooms in our house, you can help us raise funds to fill our house for a night. Donations will provide shelter and comfort to families who are in unimaginably difficult circumstances. As a guest at Hospitality House, they’ll have a safe, homelike place to rest, launder clothing and prepare meals as well as the support of caring staff and volunteers if a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on is needed. - via email by Kim Melton, Executive Director, Hospitality House of Charlotte
This Valentine's Day I urge you to opt to make a difference by making not just one person happy but instead an entire family! What can be more lovelier than this? You can click HERE to donate now. Or you can simply click on the photo above.

So I say, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Note: Hospitality House of Charlotte also welcomes volunteers. To find out how you can help in this program, you can visit their volunteers sections for more.

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  1. This is what LOVE is all about - thanks for sharing!

  2. Great article thanks for posting this!! Hope it gets a lot of visits and even more donations!

  3. I'm sharing this post! Nonprofits are one of my loves as well :)


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