February 2, 2011

Mobile Shots: Eat.Think.Smile Launch Party Photo Opps!

Eat.Think.Smile launch party went without a hitch! Even the weather partied with us. It was warm and sunny. Just perfect for a great launch party for a product with lots of potentials! I was definitely happy to have co-hosted the event! My group was one of those few lucky people in the entire city of Charlotte to try the new products out before it hits the shelves of Lowes Foods!
The hosts
Malise of Carolina Mama and Maricris of Zensible Mama

The Hosts and the Mostest
Le-La {@LLCLOUTIER/ Eat.Think.Smile}. Malise. Amy Preston {Apure Foods}.
Maricris. Amanda {Eat.Think.Smile}

My Fabulous Party Tweeps!
Angela @PaganMomBlog. Jo. Amanda. Mary. Malise. April. 
Towanda @TowandaL. Le-La. Maricris. Amanda. 

Better Late than Never all the way from Durham!
Maricris with Jen @JaelDesignsInc

Great product. Great friends. Great party.
Simply Zensible...


  1. thanks for the invite and glad i got to be there to try the product! i've been eating an eat think smile everyday since and love it all!

  2. Such a great group of ladies! I heard all great things about the party. Way to welcome in such a great product!

  3. Maricris! This is beautiful! Thank you for hosting us in your lovely home! It was a perfect party! Wish we could roll out every product that way! The Eat.Think.Smile product is awesome as is their whole team! Thank you again for your warm spirit and for all the fun! 'Til next time! Cheers!

  4. I love getting together with friends, no matter what we're doing! (well, almost...)


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