February 7, 2011

Inventing Whiteness ~ Race: Are we so different?

Race. A very intriguing and controversial topic that always raise either hatred or discourse is brought to a new light to explore and boldly confront the most crucial issues of race and racism as Discovery Place brings a new exhibit Race: Are we so different? in Charlotte. An in-depth look at race on a scientific level.
One of the prominent wall posters inside the exhibit

Being a woman of color, racism and prejudice is nothing new to me. I have also been a victim of profiling on several occasions. But racism is not just confined in the US. It is also prevalent in other countries as I have experienced first hand. Seeing the exhibit on a scientific point of view has personally given me a whole new perspective and understanding on this centuries of complexities in the history of race and racism. Check the video below to get a sneak peek inside the exhibit and hear what I think and the interesting tidbits I found out.

RACE is a project of the American Anthropological Association in collaboration with the Science of Museum of Minnesota explores three primary themes:
  • Science of Human Variation
  • History of the idea of race
  • contemporary experience of race and racism in the United States
Tip:  Make sure to check the Hapa Project photo display. A very interesting look at how multiracial individuals are perceived by other people and themselves.

Exhibit officially opened February 5 through May 8, 2011. Check it out with your family and be prepared to be liberated.
** Zensible Mama was invited during the Media day to preview the exhibit before it opened to the public. All opinions are solely of the editor**

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  1. Thanks for the post Zensible Mama on our RACE: Are We So Different? Exhibit! We've added a link to your post to our RACE in the News Page: http://www.aaanet.org/resources/RACE-in-the-News.cfm

    -Joslyn, American Anthropological Association


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