January 19, 2011

Mobile Shots: Winter Wonderland - At Last!!!

At last is right. No one can imagine how snow made me crave for it this year. Seriously. After an insane hit and miss before and after the holidays, there better be snow in my Winter time or bust! Winter is no winter without snow I tell ya. And much as other people in snow land states hates snow, we here in Charlotte especially me and my daughter, love it! We don't get them all the time. So when it snows...it's rock n' roll time!

Sure can't blame me for smiling!


  1. Snow makes for a really fast slide. I'm always glad for the cushioning of my snow pants when we do that!

    Glad you enjoyed your snow!

  2. Oh snow....I'm happy for you at least *LOL* Did you see my Snow post....a little different than yours ;)


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