January 17, 2011

7 Things You Need To Know at LAX Airport

With my recent experience at LAX Airport and TSA, I thought you would appreciate some tips based on my interesting travel experience.

  1. The Funnel Method: 5 Years ago I flew through LAX with my then 18 months daughter. Nothing much have changed since then. LAX still bears that same familiar trademark which I called the "funnel method". All departing passengers are flushed through a single designated inspection point for ID's and plane tickets then dispersed to pre-selected TSA checkpoint gates. Long, winding, slow-moving lines are a part of flying in this airport. I strongly advise: do not wear heels if you're flying from here. Unless achy feet is your thing.
  2. Don't Fly Southwest - Unless you really have to. They have the longest line all the time. It was overflowing out to the curb. We were glad we have US Airways who almost had no lines. If it weren't for our one extra luggage ~ thanks to my mom ~ we would have easily found our way to the "funnel" line.
  3. Check-in online along with your extra baggages - You'll thank yourself for it. Eliminate the hassle of checking-in at the airport and waiting in line. Checked-in baggages online are just dropped off. Though in my case, it wasn't possible due to a technical glitch on the online process which made us go through the hassle of checking it in at the airport. Worst, the Curb check-in for US Airways was closed. Note: Checked-in baggages are returned to you where you drop it off at a designated TSA baggage security check post next to the check-in counter.
  4. WI-FI Not Free -  Unlike Charlotte that offers FREE Wi-Fi, LAX has numerous wi-fi hot spots but you have to pay for it. If you're like me who depend on free wi-fi when out in the world, be prepared to shell out some moolah when you're totally desperate to be online.
  5. Double-check your Gate - Make sure to check with your airline before heading towards the gate indicated in your ticket ~ especially if it was an e-ticket. LAX have a knack for not updating their monitors. You don't want to miss your plane.
  6. Free charging station - For their lack of free wi-fi, I commend LAX for having free charging stations.
  7. TSA Employees are traveler-friendly - Considering they are a bigger airport with bigger influx of travelers, I assumed they would be a lot more stern and distant but surprisingly, they were quite friendly!
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