December 22, 2010

An All-out War with the Germies

I feel like I'm in a fierce battle these days, I literally have to go off the grid to face the enemy! Cold. And what's annoying is it's not even mine. I hate it when the weather changes and conjures up these evil sniffles, cold and cough germies. What I hate more is when my daughter gets sick with them and she suffers inconsolably. I suffer too! Yes, suffer is right. Sleepless nights, endless bickering to get her to blow her nose and an overflowing supply of tears! Hers not mine, but enough to make me pull all my hairs out! Don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces but last time, she refused, she ended up with an ear infection! Brought both of us misery! Trust me, I'm not having any of that cr*p again!

Now, I did tell you I hate "traditional" medicine, right? Well, ironically, my daughter takes after me! Is this the payoff of having a mini-me? No, don't answer that. So, to correct this "issue" we have to resort to alternative options: homeopathic. Which in our own experience works best for us. I'm no physician but if you ask me I would prescribe them every time because they work without side effects. For us anyway.

Here are some of our armament for defense:
Boiron's Oscillococcinum is one of our favorite - works best at the onset of the symptoms.  Tastes sweet like eating pellets of sugar which we like! Gives popping pills a whole new different meaning...
Cold Calm is great for shortening the length of the symptoms and the Chestal cough syrup was by far the best we've tried. We had been using a different cough syrup (still homeopathic) but never had any effect on her cough until we used Chestal which really help loosen her phlegm and made her cough start to ease up. Talk about restful night - for all of us!
Hyland's Vitamin C and the Sniffles n' Sneezes tablets are ones we rely on too. They're quick-dissolving and so quick, my daughter doesn't even get the chance to grovel about it. huh! Got her on this one. Now our current discovery is the Kids Relief Pain and Fever, a homeopathic all natural medicine - which coincidentally, I found out after we bought the product, is the same product Moms Meet has currently offered to us Moms Meet Ambassadors to try and review with our moms group. Call me freaked out! Yeah in a good way...
But freakiness be gone. I was delighted that we discovered it because it was FAST-acting! My daughter has been running a fever since the night before and this one totally knocked it off after one dose! Now that is really fast. And she's almost back to her normal self again - Oh joy! - and just as she should be. We have a sky to conquer in the next couple of days and want her in tip-top shape for it.

Oh pardon me if I sounded like a cheesy commercial on TV sounding off my admiration for these medicines. Let's just say, they were my heroes this week! And no, I was not paid to talk about them ( though that would be nice) nor given the product to review them ( though yet again, would also be nice). Capesh? Simply just me being me, a mom and talking about the mom things I love and do. Mom to MomIs all.

Ever tried homeopathic medicines? I would really like to know how it was for you. In the meantime, excuse me but I've got me some bad germies to exterminate. Now did someone just say hand-sanitizers?

** Maricris was not paid to talk about this product ( though she would have loved to) nor given the product to review and giveaway ( though she would have yet again loved to) - so there!**


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