November 3, 2010

Mobile Shots: Halloween in my City and at Carolina Renaissance Festival

Take note of this, I'm usually not one to dress up for Halloween or any costume-wearing occasions {are you kidding me? Those easy-to-rip, low-quality outfits cost so much it hurts me to spend my money on them!} unless of course, someone wrings my arms and make me! Well, this year there was no arm-wringing but would you believe it? I actually dressed up for Halloween, no change that! My entire family of three dressed up this year!!! What made me?
My $10 Hot Diva dress {Yes, $10!}
all decked-out with bling! And what's more?

It matches my little diva's dress 
and hubby got to wear an outfit out of his closet. 
No Money spent. Big score!

Here we are on our grand entrance at a friends' Party.
Our "bodyguard" protecting us from the
Though I wouldn't mind dressing up 
as one of them "highnesseses"
during Halloween at...
Best place where it's OK to be a wench too!

How was your Halloween? Got lots of treats? Happy Halloween, er, Wednesday!

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  1. Bargains can make anything that much more fun. :)

  2. Wow, that looks like it was a great party! Great costume too, because they can be SO expensive. What a cute family you have!
    Happy REDnesday!

  3. You look fabulous. 10 bucks? You did really well.

    Have a terrific day. :)

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  4. Your photos are so lovely. I especially like the costumes.

  5. Looks like a fun time and I love your dress. Great buy!

  6. That's so fun! I love dressing up and didn't even get around to it this year. And spending so little money is impressive!


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