October 2, 2010

Life As We Know It - A Film Review

Katherine Heigl was one of my favorite actress at the now defunct TV show Roswell. Back then I wondered why she was not given the lead role since she has so much potential as an actress. Fast forward, she is now one of the film and TV industry's famous actresses which is not surprising. It was certainly a treat getting an exclusive invite to watch her new movie "Life As We Know It" alongside Josh Duhamel {Hello Fergie!} during it's advanced screening in one of the local theaters here in Charlotte NC. Here's a rundown.

The Story:
It revolves around two clueless single adults forced into parenting duty when their mutual friends died in an accident leaving them to care for their late friends' orphaned baby girl.

The realistic portrayal of two individuals who has no tiny bit of skill or knowledge on how to raise or care for a baby made their inadequacies a point of comedy. Adding in the irony of seeing these two opposing individuals who has nothing in common besides their dead friends and who is incompatible in so many ways, forced to live together and struggling to understand and make sense of what they're doing even with the mere act of changing the diapers and trying to get by each day hoping they did the right thing was truly comical to see. A dose of reality landing in their lap way too soon. 
"My favorite part was when Holly {Katherine Heigl} came down after changing the baby's diaper to greet their late friends' visiting neighbors, not realizing that she has poop-smear on her face, then without batting an eyelash, the outspoken lady neighbor nonchalantly said "You got shit on your face!" {dubbed poo on the trailer} while pointing at Holly's face."
In summary, the movie is well-delivered. The actors did a great job acting their parts and made the whole film fun to watch from beginning to end. It is wholesome enough that even my daughter enjoyed it and had great laughs all throughout!

Here's a few things to consider when you watch the movie:
  • Bring an earplug: Especially if you're bringing your little ones. There's a lot of sexual innuendos and adult languages at the very beginning of the movie and some spots in between. Not really suitable for very young ears but the laughter factor and comedy injected on each scene is so funny, even kids 6 and up would appreciate it.
  • Bring a box of Tissue: There are touchy and heartwarming scenes enough to make you shed some tears. Not to say tears from laughing so hard!
  • Bring the entire family: It's a great family movie-night option.
I give this movie two-thumbs up! If my daughter enjoyed it as much as I did, it deserves it! Watch the trailer below to see why you should see this movie when it hits the movie theaters nationwide on October 8th!

courtesy of hollywoodstreams on youtube.

**Complimentary tickets and a gift card were provided as part of this review courtesy of Mom Central*

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  1. my girls and i want to see this movie. we have a movie list that's growing lol


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