October 12, 2010

Can't Walk Can't Run? Just drink Coffee! - 5 No-Brainer Ways to Show Support for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's October and you know what that entails. It's Breast Cancer Awareness month! Which means, that everywhere you look, you'll see a proliferation of that familiar pink ribbon not just on TV, in-store decors, print ads but moreso on product labels. A time where the world unites to help support organizations in finding a cure to that deadly disease: cancer.  It's also that time where everyone, including me, wants to do something to show our support for the cause, most common is participating in a walk or a run. But if you're like me, can't walk, can't run - due to lack of proper training - or simply don't have the time to or downright not physically fit, what then can you do? I came up with 5 simple solutions!
My pink shoes... not made for running or walking...

Here's my 5 no-brainer ways to help show support: 
No physical exertion needed.
  • Drink Coffee - Yes, that's right drink coffee! Coffee shops like Caribou supports Susan G. Komen. This year, they're offering a special coffee blend: Amy's blend. A tribute to Amy Erickson - Caribou's beloved Roastmaster who died of breast cancer at the age of 33. I love coffee and I love Caribou {besides Starbucks}- drinking this blend makes every sip a lot more special.
  •  Eat Bagel - Goes well with Coffee! Pink Ribbon Bagel by Panera has made it's annual comeback. The idea was developed in 2001 by Sue Stees, one of Panera Bread's first Franchisees and also a breast cancer survivor herself, as a way to help support the cause. My family and I also love Panera and this just makes every bite more meaningful this time of the year.

  • Get cute and pretty - If you know me, make-up is one thing I've forsaken a long time ago yet Sephora has other plans for frumpy moms like me. They've got specially marked make-ups and accessories dedicated to support the cause. A good reason to update your collection! And besides, what kind of woman can resist a trip to Sephora?
  • Shop till you drop -  Well, not the drop part but you know what I mean. Shopping at stores or malls that supports the cause is another great way of showing your support to the cause. Gives you a good reason to go shopping if you ask me! - photo below is a shot I took of Dillard's main entrance inside the mall.
  • DONATE - By far the best way to show support. With the monetary donations non-profit organizations receives from us, our donations enables them to fund projects to find a cure. Let's HELP save lives by donating today for the sake of the people we love...
"For Leslie who gave up fighting. For Val, sis-in-law who is just waiting for her time. For Justine, 12 year old girl student at work recently diagnosed with cancer. For Lester, step-dad fighting to stay alive. For Jo, whose cancer came back. For Chele, a fellow blogger who recently got diagnosed with cancer and for all the people suffering with it right now..."
A Special Shoutout goes to Dalefg who is again volunteering as a crew this year with Avon Walk for Breast Cancer for the third year for his step-sister Val! What about you? Do you have other non-traditional ways to support the cause? Do you have a special reason for supporting the cause?

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