May 31, 2010

Eco-Friendly choices, Safer Environment : Eco Store Cream Cleanser and Toilet Cleaner Review

One rule in my house that I recently broke (hey, I ain't perfect!),  is to NEVER, ever use chemically-laden household cleaner. In my defense, it was hard not to when I was given a product to review as part of my association with the brand. Yes, my bad! But promise, I only used it once just because. And I tell you, I will never use it again after it stung my eyes and made it difficult for me to breathe! -The harsh reality of using harmful chemicals.
Yes, we strive to use only plant-based or fruit-based cleaners which delivers the same result, if not better, and also a lot, lot safer to us and the environment. I have made my pledge. If you look under our sinks, you'll see that I'm telling you the truth. It may cost a little bit more but it's worth it.

EcoStore USA shares the same commitment and sentiments. Best of all, they are a company based in the US and makes all their products locally from all-natural resources. Now that's one to be proud of! I recently had the opportunity to use two of their products: Cream Cleanser which retails for $7.50 and Toilet Cleaner which retails for $8.00. Not bad a price at all if I you ask me.

What I like about these products:

a) All-Natural Ingredients - both cleaners are plant-based which is a big plus. No nasty chemicals means it's safe to use and safe for the environment. How can you not love that?

b) Scent - Essential oils like lemon were used on the cream cleanser which I love. I accidentally left a tiny drip of the cream cleanser on the burner and got burnt during cooking but one thing that impressed even my hubby was the absence of that nasty chemical-burnt smell. The odor was so subtle and lemony to say the least.

c)  Effectiveness - It delivers! One proof is my grimy burner plate which have nasty black stains - a sad fate from frequent burnt liquids spilling on it. I've never had any luck removing them in the past until I tried the cream cleanser on it! I only used paper towel to scrub it off and was I so wowed!

To put the Toilet Cleaner to the test, I made sure the toilet bowl is all gunky and dirty. Don't ask me how long it took to achieve this look!

The Toilet cleaner passed the test with flying colors. The stubborn grime buildup that was on the inside of the rim that I could never seem to remove was no match for this cleaner. I'm quite impressed! I also like the fact that the bottle is designed in a way that it is angled to reach the inside of the rims. Simple but definitely does the trick.

My only complain: It is not available in any of the stores in Charlotte NC. One of these days perhaps? EcoStore brands are exclusively sold at Meijer in the Midwest and DuaneReade in the East Coast and also available online.

Overall verdict: I'm officially a fan of this brand. Their price range is affordable and with it's effectiveness and great ingredients, it's definitely worth your money. One local brand I would definitely give 5 stars to! And a brand I'm glad to have been introduced to that's for sure.

**EcoStore USA provided the products for review**


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