December 19, 2009

What do you do if your Laptop dies Today?

Especially when it dies a sudden death and you need it so bad!

a) Go through a withdrawal episode?
b) Go nuts and throw a fit
c) Sulk in a corner and frown all day
d) Ruin the holidays for you
e) All of the above

Don't ask me. My answers are already obvious...

So one morning, I woke up with a dead laptop. Talk about panic! It was dead for 3 days. No Twitter. No blogging. No nothing! What agony! What did I do? (besides being miserable)

a) I picked up a book and started reading. It's been a while since I held a book and actually finished reading it. I read the Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans. In a sense I was glad my laptop died when it did. This book has brought a sense of new meaning to the word parenting to me and has a strong connection to my personal life which I'll blog about later.

b) Spent more Girl's night out with my daughter which brought us both joy and loads of fun. As you know, I blog work and do creative stuffs on the side negating the use of my laptop most of the time. I do so much that it takes a lot of my time which means less time with my one and only child. I'm infinitely a guilty working mother.

c)  Finished up all my custom orders for Golden Flower Creations in no time. I was so happy to get all the items shipped earlier than intended which equals to Happy customers!

Sometimes I get so intensely addicted absorbed online that I tend to miss those little things that means a lot to me offline (I'm no saint!). In irony, I'm grateful that my laptop died and was useless for 3 days. It gave me a reprieve from being "plugged" all the time and gave me a much needed kick in the booty!  I deserved needed that. Yes, "Unplugging" once in a while is required OK. Try it. - And yes, you might have withdrawal side effects like how Coffee caffeine does but it's freakin' fun nonetheless.

What about you, what would you do if your laptop dies right now? "Ah, what a morbid thought!" Vanish the Grinch!


  1. I don't have a laptop but if my desktop PC died I would be out shopping for a new one IMMEDIATELY.

  2. ciao cara maricris...aiaiaiaiii... pc break down: a big problem for me; though: as I am doing creativ work on my computer too; I write; do design etc. I COPI all my work always immediatly on disc; ...!
    when it comes to a completely break down; this way at least my work wouldn't be lost!
    oh, so if the pc really doesn't work for connection-problems etc. (what happens here pretty often!) I just do all my other creative works or I grab the nikon, take my boys along for a wonderful walk in nature....!
    Have a wonderful sunday!
    ciao elvira

  3. Aaack, I don't even want to think what I'd feel like if this happened! Coincidentally, I was just talking about this possible scenario with my husband last night. I figured I'd better back up my work onto our hard drive. But I haven't done it yet...
    So, after three days, did the laptop just suddenly start working again? Or did you have to have it fixed or buy a new one?

  4. If it died I'd finally get around to all those projects I haven't finished and obviously spend more time with the kids.
    Of course I'd get antsy and wondering what emails and msgs i'm missing out on. So the sooner it was fixed the better.


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