December 17, 2009

How to Decorate like a Pro for Less

My Frugal decor without the "Frugal look"

I love to decorate but I also don't like blowing up my budget while achieving the look I want. Here are some of my best kept secrets that you can use:

a) Create your own decor. Nothing beats making your own decorations. You set your own price/budget and come up with something you love. Tip:  If you can't, this crafter can make them for you!

I created the centerpiece on this mantel which normally sells for $45 but only cost me less than $10! I used individual ornament pieces and assembled them right on the mantel. Great thing about this, once disassembled, you get a different look each year! The wreaths sells for $40 or more in stores. My better version $5! The Floral arrangements sells for $60. My version, $10! (cost is based on materials only. Add labor fee and of course it's a different story) Key here is, it's cheaper making them yourself.

b) Buy decors on year-end holiday sales. Most of my materials was from previous year-end sales which are incorporated to each upcycled decor that now sits in my living room.

Out of creative ideas? Grab a medium-sized pre-made candle ring, a glass bowl and Christmas balls. Put the glass bowl on top of candle ring, fill the bowl with ornaments and voila! An attractive speaker topper or coffee table centerpiece!

Is my living room looking a lot like Christmas? I hope so! Any frugal holiday tips to share? If you have any, I would like to hear from you as a guest blogger. Up for the challenge? Please hurry and let me know. Otherwise, I would love to hear any of your tips here.


  1. Wow!I like the way you decorate your Christmas tree the ornaments,tinsel and lights on your Christmas tree is beautiful..
    Merry Christmas :)

  2. That's beautiful! Very festive and I think in addition to saving money, it's also FUN to do yourself!


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