December 12, 2009

Holy Kaw Santa Cow!

When my daughter started kindergarten this Fall, random things that didn't have no sense to us before has now taken a permanent role in our holy wackomole' life. Things like Spirit nights at Chik-Fil-A. Or to be more precise, I should say that Chick-Fil-A has now become a part of our weekly grind. Yes, Eat more Chik'n! How can I resist? Free wi-fi and a chance to support my daughters' school in the process. Can't beat that. I'm all for charity!

Tonight after attending and buying books from my daughters' school Book Fair, we went to celebrate Family Night at Chik-FiL-A and got to meet Santa Cow for the first time! His trusted Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was there too! Ok, I was never ecstatic about a cow before but this is Santa Cow! It didn't matter if I look disheveled and frumpy, a picture with him was a must! Ack, how can I have forgotten my E.l.f.!!!

It happened to be Chik-Fil-A's Annual Christmas party. We got lucky! They had Carolers from another school in the area singing as we eat and they've also got games and free gifts for the kids.

We definitely had a blast especially my little one who is not that little anymore...

What a way to spend the night. What about you? What new activities did your family picked up after your kids went to school? I would be delighted to hear about them and possibly learn from them in the process. Besides eat mor chik'n!


  1. Hey Maricris,
    First of all have to say- I love chik-fil-a! I had been explaining how great it is to my hubby for ages but he just didn't get it because they don't have chik-fil-a where he's from (he's from WA state and I'm from TX). Finally we moved to NJ where they do have them, and now he gets it! I wish I had some activities I've picked up since the kids enrolled in school, but the little ones are not in school yet. But, one new thing we've started doing since we had kids is buying season passes to the local amusement park (Six Flags in this case). It's a nice outing in the summertime taking them for people watching and playing in the water parks :)

  2. Oh my, I have NEVER seen a Santa Cow. Now i have seen everything!! How funny is that! But support the schools of course. It's a must do.


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